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ID Number: 1023
From: bobbysroom <>
Subject: Lisa I think you would remember me.
Date: Friday, May 16 2003 - 06:02:49

I believe it was the last day of the comic con in San Diego. The
event was held Aug 1-4 2002. Now the reason she would remember me was
because I would have been the only man at that show that didn't try
and look down her dress or make silly conversations with her.

She had just come up from the booth downstairs where her comic artist
was trying to sell his drawings of her. He was rude, but there was
another playmate at another exhibit that told me that she thought
that Lisa had gone back upstairs. I think she was a little put off by
my lack of interest in her, but she was nice enough about it.

So When I went upstairs to where the models had been set up, I found
Lisa just setting her small table back up. There were three issues of
Playboy and I asked her if those were the three she was in. She
looked up at me and with a surprised smile she no, I have been in
many issues of playboy, these are just some that I brought with me. I
introduced myself to her as a fan of her Yahoo club, and we shook
hands. We talked for a few minutes, I told her that I was
volunteering at the convention and had a hard time catching up with
her. The information on the website was incorrect and it was by
chance that I finally met her.

I would have been wearing short pants and a tee shirt, mid thirties
with a bit of a pouched out belly. I was wearing glasses and my eyes
are blue. But all that aside, I don't think she could forget the
somewhat shy yet inquisitive young man who when not looking about her
station, was looking her directly in her eyes. Well she may not
remember me, but she certainly made one lasting impression on me that
I will never forget. It was like meeting a long lost sibling for the
first time.

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