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ID Number: 103
From: raymond756
Subject: Lisa news... Update
Date: Wednesday, November 29 2000 - 16:21:15

Update about Lisa and the the .net
Sent out as a bulk email.

Date sent: Wed, 29
Nov 2000 17:43:22 -0600
From: "Lisa Marie Scott"
Subject: Hi!


I hope you are having a
wonderful holiday season and that
Santa is good to you
this year!

For those of you who came to my last
chat, I would like
to apologize for not being able
to make it. I have been
under the weather, and my
doctor told me to not get
out of bed for three weeks!
I'm doing better now though.

Also, some
members have pointed out a problem with the
dot net
url. There was a mix up at Network Solutions
and we
have fixed it. It should be up and working again
a couple days. The dot com still works fine

And finally, I have put up the items in my latest
Three cute outfits for you to bid on!

Here's the
<a href= target=new></a>

Take care and happy holiday!



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