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ID Number: 1035
From: lisamariescottdotcom <>
Subject: To Bobby and everyone else in the group
Date: Wednesday, May 28 2003 - 01:22:36

I'm sorry for not responding earlier....I do read the yahoo posts
from time to time and try to post every so often...sometimes,
though, it is hard with all of my other emails to answer and work
and so forth. I will try and be better about it, because I do enjoy
hearing what my fans have to say and the feedback that goes on.
Just bear with my slowness :)

As for you Bobby :)....I am sorry to hear about the stuggles you
have personally gone through. I am particularly bad with names,
although I do think I remember meeting you in San Diego this past
summer. Honestly, I am actually glad you decided to share with me
and us your message....I have a close family member who is afflicted
with a serious mental illness and have known several others in
college who were bipolar. I personally know how hard it can be and
how frustrating it is dealing with the affects many
people...not only those with the mental illness but also their
family members and friends. I think it is a good thing to be more
open about it because only then do we realize how wide spread it
is....cancer used to be a disease that was heavily stigmatized as
well...mental illness should not be viewed as something "bad"
is an unfortunate medical illness...just like having cancer or
multiple sclerosis. Our culture still doesn't really allow for
healthy discussion of depression or feelings of suicide....many
people if you bring it up will act like you are crazy or
weird ...even if they themselves have thought about it. I don't
think that's good. It's no surprise that TEd Turner does not wish to
become a spokesperson for mental illness....there is still so much
of a stigma attached with that declaration. However, the only way
to eliminate the stigma is to talk about it more and for celebrities
like Ted Turner to be more open about it. It's funny because
creative people as a group probably have more experience with mental
illness than those in non-creative jobs....especially artists,
musicians, and actresses. I think these celebrities are key in
being more vocal about it. NOw I am not saying we turn this message
board into a mental illness board but I don't think either that if
some one wants to express how they feel and it is not hurting anyone
that we should speak badly about it.

I think there are others who may be interested in this convention in
Long Beach so I do not feel any harm in posting it Bobby if you
would like. In fact, I welcome it. I personally know several people
who would be interested in attending. And even if one doesn't know
anyone who has experienced mental illness, it can still be a
rewarding experience. Unfortunately, I do not know Linda Blair the
actress. Maybe she has a website or an agent that you can contact
to deliver your request.

Please try to hang in there Bobby. I know you may feel a burden to
your family but I can pretty much guarantee that they love you very
much and do not see you as a burden. I am sure there are many
others who love you and who would be deeply saddened if you were to
end your life. I know it must be frustrating and difficult
sometimes...but you must stick with the hope that it will get
better. YOu never know what may happen tomorrow or next week or
year! You never know what mental health research may come up with
in the near is possible for you to live a more "normal"
life in which you would be happy. That is why it is so important
for people to be more aware of it and for more research to be done.

All the best Bobby,

Lisa Marie

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