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ID Number: 1046
From: bobbysroom <>
Subject: Re: About the writing
Date: Friday, July 04 2003 - 22:29:42

Ok let me restate my request. And maybe some of the members of both
sites would like to pipe in and give their opinion. What I am
proposing is a feature, not a diary, sorry for the confusion. When I
say feature, I am talking about short stories that are erotic in
nature but are also stories that have a plot and an ending.

I think I have come up with a unique writing style and platform that
might make Lisa's site even more enjoyable. After all Playboy has
such stories in it's publications and from what I hear they are very
well read. I know the site is about Lisa and her model friends, but
some people might want to get a little more out of the site that just
pictures and video.

I am also guessing that if men were to read my stories they might
find out a little bit more about what women want in a relationship
and what might make them more pleased by their man if he were to take
the time and learn something about how to make love, rather than sex.
Men may also find out that they too might gain knowledge that would
make their love making experience more enjoyable.

Believe me when I tell you that pornographic movies are not aimed at
pleasing women and they also do the disservice of cheating men out of
learning how they can be more sexually pleased by their partner. I
know most of the men that will read this post will think I am crazy
and that they know what they are doing in bed. But I would challenge
them to ask one of their ex lovers if they were all that good.

Face it guys, we are greedy by nature and when it comes to pleasure
we think only of our selves. Or at least the majority of us. My ex
wife told me that and then taught me things that I would have never
thought would be sensual and make me feel good. She also taught me
that the time spent after sex was just as important as the time
before and during. I have also talked to a lot of women that have
reaffirmed this to me. It is a fact that sometimes women would rather
just be held and cuddled like a baby than even have sex.

Just to avoid the exwife comebacks, let me just tell you that she was
much to young for me and there were other circumstances that led to
our divorce. For one she was from another country and she was
insistent on moving back there. For me that was not an option
considering my illness. Plus she could never except the fact that I
was ill. Most people with bipolar disorder have a hard time staying
in relationships, because of our mood swings. I think the statistics
are that 1 in 10 bipolar people have relationships that last for more
than 10 years and the numbers just get worse as the years go by.

Love and Light,

Bobby :)

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