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ID Number: 1053
From: bobbysroom <>
Subject: I did send Playboy the entire story and my idea of creating a continuing plot.
Date: Friday, July 11 2003 - 00:03:05

You see the reason I first went to Lisa, and offered her the story
and future stories using this plot that I had created, and at no cost
to her, was so I could get published and by not getting payed I
wouldn't lose my SSDI. You see if I make money then I lose my
disability income, and if I don't have a good enough income level
then I couldn't pay for my medical treatment.

So I wasn't trying to do anything sneaky with Lisa, like get a free
pass into her club, which I don't even want at this time. I live with
my parents, and I don't think they would like me going to a site like
Lisa's. No offense to Lisa, but they are old and wouldn't understand.
Lets put it this way, I have no privacy. Well since no one has made
me any offeres, I thought I would post my story for all of you to
read and give me your feedback on it. Maybe then you can see the
concept I am going for and how it would be easy to write a new story
for each month of a monthly publication. I don't even know if Lisa
got the story in the first place.

One thing to remember, this story is told by a fantasy creature known
as a changeling.


PS Lisa if you like it and you don't have my email address, it's The offer still stands and I am arleady into my
second story.

By Robert Lowery Hunt

I am a changeling, sometimes female, sometimes male, sometimes a rock
in the park, you never know where I'll be or what I'll be. I have
been here for centuries and once thought I was trapped, but then of
recent mind I found a new passion that never wears me down. I am a
cupid if you may, I bring young lovers together when neither would
have ever found each other. Because I am everywhere and nowhere I can
see what cannot be seen and it is a great benefit to hear the
confessions of young people and their quest for that true love that
you humans so desperately strive after.

As a rock near a tree in the park I heard a boys voice, and such
sadness did I wonder could have befallen him. I think this might have
been the first time I heard such sorrow from a boys lips and tears
running down an innocent face. I saw this as a little song bird
pecking at the ground around him. I decided I needed to do something
about this and find out the cause of his sorrow. So I appeared as an
old woman to him and broke my fall so as to gain his trust. Quick was
his reflexes like a lions leap he saved me from falling to my knees.
What an easy trick to play, but what I did for him next was pure
unselfishness. Soon this boy, who calls himself Tom, was sitting me
on the bench and thus began the story.

He was but twenty something years of age and much eagerness lied
beneath his chest. I told him that I had seen him with a dog and then
a cat sometimes when I walked through the park, and now here he sits
alone, I queried why. At first he had to regain his masculine
exposure, no man can look week even in the eyes of an old woman. But
now proud of his good deed he confided in me, and you must remember
that I am a creature of the wilderness and once a human opens up his
heart to me they can not hold back. I told him to call me Elda, and
here are his words.

Well Elda he said with a soft voice, I hardly know where to start. I
have been looking for a girlfriend since the seventh grade, but with
no luck. I am not the kind of guy that parties so that excludes me
from a lot of women my age. I got a dog to attract women, but it ran
away. I got a cat on the advice of my girlfriend, well let me re
phrase that. My friend that is a girl. She is gay and has a partner.
Now I don't want to say their names so I will call my friend Daisy,
because she is pretty like a daisy, but aren't daisy's a kind of a
plain wild flower with little shape.

That's daisy. She is pretty in the face but goes out of her way to
hide it. she has no butt and no breast, I am guessing she is perfect
for her lesbian lover who I would call Azalea, so vibrant and
beautiful full of color and what a body. She is five feet seven
inches of pure beauty. I don't know if Daisy knows how much she is
torturing me, but when it's just the two of us she will show me some
of the pictures she has taken of Azalea.

You see we are both fine art students and photography is our passion.
But what can I say, Azalea could be a playboy model that's how good
she looks. And if you promise not to tell a soul I have even seen the
nude photos Daisy has taken of her and she is flawless. First of all
she has brownish read hair with blonde streaks in it. The greenest
eyes, they are deep and luscious like the sea. Did I mention that
long flowing mane of hair, she usually keeps it up for work, but I've
been at their house when she's come home and she lets that hair fly
across the room and it just looks like a sunburst. And she always is
dressed to the nines. She works for some big company and she has to
look like she's straight or she might get fired.

Once she's home she doesn't care if I'm there or not she starts to
strip off her work clothes and wonders into her bedroom where she
comes out looking like a total baby doll. No longer strapped into
those high heal shoes, which makes her calf muscles look like fine
art and her thighs are so rich with not an ounce of fat or cellulite
to be seen. Of course either does Daisy, but she doesn't have the
full breast that Azalea does.

I know this is wrong, but I have imagined them so many times in my
head, what it would be like to watch them make love. I know they are
both flexible, because they both practice yoga, and that is my latest
adventure in finding a woman, one that does yoga. Do you know what
positions your body is able of reaching just by learning how to
stretch the right muscles and keeping them lean.

The most erotic experience I have had was having Daisy wrap her legs
around me and squeeze the living life out of me. I could just imagine
her doing that to Azalea and all that blood rushing up into those
sweet nipples, I could just imagine what it would be like to be with
someone that was that beautiful and have her squeeze me with me
insider her and my face buried in her throbbing breast and my lips on
her lips and her body and mine pressed together like one, but she
just doesn't exist for me.

I put my hand on his shoulder partially to calm his frustrations and
to gain his attention. Listen to an old lady that has seen the dream
you wish for. My advice to you is to come to this park and bring your
meditation mat and the next time you meet a woman she will be the one
you are looking for. He sat quietly as to burn this message into his
mind and then off he went, a bit less sorrow than before and hope of
a new day was on his mind. I searched the ground for the woman that
would fulfil his needs as he would hers.

Not much latter that woman did come by and she was sad in the face
and looking down at the ground as if there were some kind of answers
amongst the blades of grass. I stood up and caused a collision. Out
of kindness she sat down and talked to me. If my instinct was right,
then I had a match. I looked her over and she was not the voluptuous
beauty that so many men desired, yet she had an inner beauty only a
animal like me could bring out.

I felt her need to confess and I let her. Once again she gazed at the
ground as she began to speak but I put my hand quickly and gently to
her face and brought her eyes to look into mine. Her story was not so
bleak but sad and something of a tragedy, her name was Sue and this
was her tale.

Well Elda, I don't usually go bumping into people with my face to the
ground, but I just lost a dear friend of mine. She was the world to
me. I know it sounds stupid for a person to be that emotional about
the loss of their pets, but Vixen, that's what my cat's name was, she
was a beautiful creature, a mix of sorts, but she was striped like a
tiger and I could always count on her for company when men would
either stand me up or get their pleasure and just have to get home.

I can't deny that I love the touch of a man. His body touching mine,
even if it's for a short time, and it usually is. I love it when a
man takes me in his arms and takes control of me. I have to admit
that I would like to be more involved in the process of making love,
oh who's fooling anyone, it's just sex and I'm a fool every time.
They say they are going to make love to you, but it always ends up
with some burly man pulsating on top of me grabbing my butt and my
breast with a tight fist like I am some kind of prize he has won and
has to make his mark. I hate the ones that think they have to lick
your entre body or at least most of it.

Oh there have been a few gentle lovers, but I find that I get bored
with them too, they try and please me by asking me what to do
or "what do you like, should I rub you here or rub you there or
should I just let you take over and let me be your tool for your
pleasure." In other words they are too lazy to do anything
interesting so you end up on top of them, while they play with my
breast and they say "I will try and hold out as long as I can."

What ever happened to foreplay and massaging a woman's tired foot and
telling her how beautiful she looked while actually looking her in
the eyes. Now that Vixen is gone I don't have anyone to snuggle with
and be my play thing. She was a gallant little soul, she would hiss
at the men that interred into my life, and didn't stop until they
left. The ones that would stay over, were actually worse than the
ones that had to rush home, probably to their wives. Vixen hated the
stay-overs, she would get right in the bed with me and make sure she
got all the attention once the dirty stuff was done. Besides the guys
that would stay over, were usually losers anyway.

They just wanted sex and a morning meal. If they could stay longer
without having to pay they were the total scum of the earth. But when
you are lonely for love you do all kinds of things. Now I am out on
my own so to speak. I graduated last year and I have a small
apartment. It seems so empty right now. I had to move from the one I
had, I could n't live where vixen had been a part of my life. I think
I am going to go celibate for a while and try living with myself.
Well I have taken up all your time talking about my problems, I
better go.

And so to did she go with pity in her stride, and so did I. I went to
see this boy Tom and where he lived, and to see if he still had his
cat. I was a blue bird in seconds and searching this way is much
faster and efficient than a biped, and with his scent still fresh in
my system it was just a matter of time, and like I figured, he lived
close to the park making things all the easier. Tom was playing with
his kitten when I perched on a nearby limb, but then I saw this tall
thin woman come and take it from him. I guessed it was Daisy and my
instinct told me that he had either given the cat to Daisy and
Azalea, or they were keeping it for him because he was living in the
school dorms.

Well Tom did as I told him and for several days he brought his mat
and meditated just as I had suggested. Then about a week went by and
the girl with the downtrodden face came up to me as I had expected.
She had been running, a new thing for her and was quite out of
breath. She asked me about the boy meditating.

What do you think he is doing? She asked

Well I told her, he has been having some troubles of his own, so I
suggested that he meditate. You see I told her, he has a kitten, but
he can't keep him in his dorm room so he has a friend that looks
after him. I think he might be thinking of giving him up for
adoption, you might want to go and talk to him about it. He's a very
nice boy. A little green behind the ears, but agile as a fox,
something to do with yoga.

Well like I predicted, they hit it off right away. She offers to take
his cat, and they become friends and soon learn that they have a lot
in common. Neither one of them is attracted to each in a sexual way
at first because she is so casual and he is looking for elegant. She
sees him as being younger and not having any experience and so
dispels him for a lover.

Then one day I suggest to him that he show her some yoga techniques,
because I was told in semi confidence that she is worried about
getting out of shape. Well once she sees that he can stand on one
hand with both legs in the air and all the other types of contortions
that Tom does with such ease, she is quite impressed. Especially when
his shirt falls down while he is in a hand stand and she sees the
defining muscles he has. No longer is he a skinny little boy, but a
strong and handsome man with all that blood rushing to his face.

Well I believe she is astounded as to his physique, and has him pull
his shirt off so she can see the sculptured body that has been hiding
beneath the loose clothes he always wears. She lifts her shirt up to
her bosom and shows him her soft underbelly. She takes his hands and
has him touch her smooth tummy and asks if he could make hers like
his. Well the poor boy had an explosion of emotion and had to run
into her bathroom. He had prematurely expelled himself and was
horribly embarrassed by this and sees no way out of the situation,
locked in her bathroom as it was. Then there was a slight knock at
the door, the girl simply wanted to hand him a warm cloth and tells
him that that was the most beautiful moment she had ever experienced.
Well Tom took the cloth and reluctantly emerged from the toilet.

She explained to him that it was perfectly natural for a young boy
who was a virgin to do things like that. It takes practice to be a
good lover, and I would like to teach you. But Tom was still a proud
young man, and said well I do know some things about what makes a
woman happy. He went on to explain his relationship with Daisy and
Azalea, and how they had made references to what women really want
and what men think they want.

Well Sue was a bit surprised about this new revelation, but was more
interested in what his two lesbian friends had taught him. The main
thing Tom wanted to tell her was that he had never touched a woman in
a way that brought out such sexual emotions. What he was trying to
say was that all of a sudden you became more than a friend to me, I
saw you for the beautiful woman that you are, he said this all while
looking deeply into her light blue eyes. I realized that you had baby
blue eyes and your hair was not just blonde, but streaked with the
rays of the sun. Your lips were like rose petals red and voluptuous.
Your veins running down your neck and towards your beautiful breast,
were like the rivers of an alien world, and here I was so close to
all this wonderment and you put my hand on your belly the softness of
your skin and I could feel your breathing, it all just overcame me
and I guess you're right I did what any young virgin would do, I ran
away like a frightened little boy.

I think that's enough talking for now she said. And she took him by
his hand and they stood erect. She began to undress him and he
fallowed her lead and undressed her. And then she took him to the
shower so they could be clean and feel the water rush over their
bodies as each other ran their hands over one another. She washed him
from head to toe and he reciprocated in the most gentle manor. They
left the shower and even though they were both chilled to the bone
they felt each others body heat and it was magical as they dried each
other off.

Sue was surprised that Tom was not fully erect and ready to explode.
But Tom explained to her, that yoga teaches you to control your
emotions and your bodily functions. What happened before was an
accident and I have never been so out of control sexually since
before I learned the ways of yoga. Sue was astonished and wanted Tom
to be erect, she wanted him to take control or in a way she wanted to
be his teacher.

Come and lets lie down on my bed, I want you to make love to me, but
I fear you are so inexperienced that I will have to help you. Well
Tom simply smiled and said isn't this the time we should work up to
the act of lovemaking and that way we can make it last for much

Sue was amazed at Tom's seemingly endless knowledge to what a woman
wanted that she let him continue with what he was saying. Tom asked
if she had any oil. Oil he said is an ancient form of relaxing the
muscles when massaged correctly into the skin and at the right points
of the body. It not only relaxes the muscles it relaxes the mind and
spirit so each lover can release the others tensions resulting in the
most orgasmic sexual peak. This is what Daisy and Azalea told me.
They are my yoga instructors, Daisy has been doing yoga since she was
in diapers I think. Her parents are yoga masters and have been to
India several times.

So Sue knowing a little about yoga and the Indian culture asked Tom
what does yoga and Tantric have in common. She asked if he had been
taught the ways in which the Indians use special positions and
techniques to enhance and elongate the act of making love.

Well Tom was a little shy when it came to this subject, because Daisy
had told him of Tantric lovemaking techniques that would apply to a
man and a woman, but he always laughed and said to her, "like I will
ever get a chance to use those movements with a real woman. You know
I am too much of a geek to attract a woman." Well Daisy was always
the optimist and she would tell Tom you better remember what I have
taught you, because it is inevitable that you will meet a woman that
likes you for who you are and you will be a great lover for the woman
that finds you.

So reluctantly he told Sue of the few techniques that Daisy had told
him about, but he had no practical experience so he warned her not to
get her hopes up. Sue was ecstatic with that news and ran off into
her bathroom and brought out an assortment of oils that she had. Will
these do she asked Tom. I bought these a few days ago at a herbal
shop that I sometimes go to. I like to take bathes with fragrances
and light candles and just let my mind wonder off into nowhere. There
was a girl there the other day that suggested I buy some oils,
because they might be soothing to my skin, I had never thought about
it, but they were on sale so here they are. Is there one in
particular that you like?

Well Tom was a little surprised that she would even buy scented oils,
let alone ones that were made from the real extractions of the
flowers they represented. Well oils are often used in combination to
get the right effect. I will have to ask Daisy which are the right
combinations for Tantric love making, and the different positions she
has shown me, but I do see you have Jasmine and Lilac, these are two
of my favorites and I think we could mix them together to get a scent
that we both like. You mentioned candles, do you still have any?
Lovemaking is a lot like meditating, and candles are perfect for
setting the mood.

Of course Sue had a plentiful assortment of candles some that where
for light and some that were scented as well. Tom went around the
room and set up the candles in a ritualistic manor and set the
scented ones just within smelling distance, because they were red
rose and peach apricot. He didn't want to overwhelm them with so many
scents, but with windows open in such a way to allow a breeze through
he knew that they would be touched by so many aromas that it would
send their sense of smell into an orgasmic state.

Tom mixed the oils to their desired taste and shared them with Sue.
They began by facing each other while kneeling on their knees. This
way they could rub each other and look into each others eyes at the
same time. Tom had brown eyes and was taller than Sue, so she had to
look up at him as she spread the oil gently across his chest and
shoulders and neck but he said reserve the face for later.

Sue sat in total comfort as Tom laid his hands across her breast and
rubbed the front of her neck and onto her belly and down the top of
her thighs. Now they reversed directions and Tom began the delicate
work on Sue's neck and shoulders and back, all the way to the small
of her back and then when the oil was good and rubbed in they turned
again. Sue repeated this on Tom and then Tom moved Sue on her back
where he started to rub her feet. He explained that this could be
done simultaneously, or one person at a time. Sue opted for one
person at a time. But she was surprised at how much joy she got out
of massaging someone else, even their feet, and had know idea that a
mans foot was just as much of an erogenous zone as it is for a woman.

The massaging went on for about an hour, both taking turns doing what
the other had done all by Tom's example. Tom would massage Sue's legs
and then her butt, which was done with such gentleness and without
sneaking down into the erogenous zone, not yet. Tom gave Sue a back
rub that almost put her to sleep. Then he turned her over back on her
back. He lifted her legs so as to put his face on every surface of
her body, from her feet back to her face. He finally kissed her and
she was amazed at how this young man could kiss with so much feeling
and yet he then ran each side of his face down her body until he
reached her inner thigh.

From there he began to massage her thigh with his nose and then his
tongue and Sue began to scream with pleasure like she had never done
so before. She grabbed at the sheets and pulled them so tight they
almost tore. She felt Tom touch her in ways that she could never
describe, and then she squeezed her thighs around his Head and Tom
slipped out and again ran his face up her body and they kissed for

Tom showed Sue that he knew her erogenous zones. He started with her
feet, they were extremely sensitive, by licking her toes and
massaging her feet he was able to send her into a new realm of
sensuality. He knew her fingers and wrist as well as kissing the arms
and moving up to her neck were all just a prelude to the final
moment. While he used his tongue to stimulate her ear lobes he also
ran his fingers through her hair which sent chills down her back.

He constantly moved around her so she wouldn't know what was coming
next, but she knew he was a master when he massaged the small of her
back and moved his hands to her butt where he caressed it gently, and
ever so gently he would push the sweat and oil down the crack of her
buttocks and gently massage that zone with pure ecstasy.

She couldn't believe that the area just above the knee on the back of
the leg was such a point of exhilaration that she had to pull away
for a moment because she had never been touched there before and had
no idea of the pleasure it could bring. By this time Tom's genitalia
was completely erect and Sue could feel it brush up against her body
as he worked on her erogenous zones and she so wanted to grab it and
yet he would gently brush her hand away, and say that when it's time
you can have your way with it as I am with you.

What could she do but wait and when he was through and he began to
kiss her she began her journey to please him. she took his thin brown
hair and began to massage his scalp and nibble at his ears and then
she ran her hair down the front of his chest which made him shiver.
She was unsure of the rest of what to do, but she knew every man
likes to have his genitalia stroked and the tip of it licked and she
couldn't help playing with his genitals, for they are to a woman as
breast are to a man.

After this went on for a while she made a move to allow him to insert
his genitalia into her vagina, but instead he moved to her back and
told her that he was going to show her how to make Tantric love. Now
this was no easy maneuver for two people that have never done this
before, but Tom had great faith that he could handle what would come
next. He explained that what they were going to do was act like the
ocean and roll back and forth thus creating a rhythm that was like
the roll of the tide. Back and forth until they would both reach
their point of final ecstasy.

Well it was a beautiful sight. They looked like one as she would roll
into him and them back again. At first it was a slow transition for
them to find the right rhythm, but at last they fell into a rhythmic
state of a complete union. Nothing is like being so close to your
lover and having them hold you while you rock back and forth in and
out and finally they both realized that the time had come and the
point of orgasmic forces were upon them and there is nothing in the
world that could have stopped them.

Once that was done they looked into each others eyes and all
imperfections in one another were gone, they could only see love and
peace and the joy that they had made for each other. Tom looked at
Sue and told her if this is what love is than I love you and I will
never stop loving you as long as I live. He continued while he put a
finger over Sue's lips and wiped a tear from her golden face, I know
this is my first time with a woman, but I can't imagine being with
anyone but you.

Sue was crying copiously and couldn't get a word to filter to her
lips. She just held onto Tom and felt a great joy come over her. Her
body shivered with total aspiration. She realized that she had met
her dream man. Someone that she was friends with already and loved to
be around. She too couldn't think of anyone that could be as special
to her as he was to her. She just held on and cried and he held back
and started to cry too when he realized that she was crying out of
joy and not for sorrow. He pulled the blankets up over them and from
that moment on they were joined for life.

Copyright Robert Lowery Hunt 2003

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