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ID Number: 1055
From: bobbysroom <>
Subject: Check me out, and my new picture
Date: Friday, July 11 2003 - 18:27:36

Thank you for your response, now I will at least have an idea that
she will get a look at it. I sometimes fail to realize that other
people have lives that take up most of their time. Me being disabled,
I have all the time in the world and I tend to get impatient more
than I used to when I had a life.

But to give you an example of how I plunge into the deep end. I am
going to make my niece a jewelry box. Now this would be an easy
enough thing for me to do, but I have decided to make it a little

You see I am going to make it look like a Chinese building, using
Chinese architecture. I went to the library and looked up Chinese
architecture and I am using their style of construction in building
the box. Basically it is very difficult and I will probably not have
it finished until Christmas. This was supposed to be a birthday
present, but because I have been unable to work in the garage due to
my dad painting the kitchen doors, it has thrown me way off schedule.

For my nephew, I drilled out the eyes of this little playful dragon I
found at a swap meet, and replaced them with two led lights and a
switch. He was three this past April and I think he will love it. I
also made him a stand that he can put it on his wall when he's not
playing with it. You see my brother-in-law has this collection of
these pocket dragons and they are totally off limits and are put away
in a display case. Now he will have his own dragon that has cool eyes
that light up and he can play with it whenever he wants to.

I've been meaning to take a picture of it, but have not done so yet.
And the stand for it is quite unique as well. It's made out of wood
and I cut a hole in it and poured this plastic resin in it so it
looks like he is standing on a lake. The Piece of wood is about 3/8
in think and I am going to drill holes in the end that goes up
against the wall so it will look like the whole thing is standing in
mid air like magic.

So you can see that's the kind of person I am and the kind of
imagination I have. I will post a similar picture of the same kind of
stand I did for my mom. This stand holds a small fairy that is
standing on a mirrored surface so it looks as if it's standing on

Bobby :)

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