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ID Number: 1058
From: bobbysroom <>
Date: Saturday, July 12 2003 - 05:53:44

Thank you for the advice, I sent it to her, but I don't know if she
will read it. It sounds like you have to be a member for her to
respond to an email. But I sent it to her and an explanation of my
concept of more than one story.

I was actually hoping to get some feedback from the members of this
group whether or not they liked it and would want to read more like
it. As for playboy, I think it would be good for them, because it
would possibly add a new reader to their magazine, women. I have had
several women from another site I belong to read it and they all
liked it very much.

But one thing you don't know, I did say to the folks at playboy that
I thought that Mr. Hefner is bipolar like me and that might have been
a spoiler for me, even though it's obviously true that he has some
kind of brain disorder. Maybe ADD, definitely OCD, but I just think
his organization is the best platform for my writing.

My second story is going to much better, I can tell already, and it's
going to have a lot more information on the changeling character and
how she got into the whole matchmaking business. I just know if he
were to read my work and see my vision he would call me personally. I
think that's the kind of man he is, and I am going to submit the
second story to them as soon as I am about half way done, that way
they will want to read the ending. All I can say is it's really hot.
The changeling is going to become a woman and she will be the hottest
woman ever written about, or at least she will make the top ten.

I have her with serpent tattoos on her legs and some other tattoos
that will make her seem multi dimensional. She will have the ability
to make the subject in this story, who is a big burly iron worker,
seem like a scared little boy, and yet she will teach him things he
never thought were possible. Plus there will be some other great
stuff that will make this story pale in comparison to the first and I
already have my ideas on the next set of stories. You see sometimes
it is good to be bipolar, because you can think of so many things at
once you just wish you had the time to get it all done.

Bobby :)

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