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ID Number: 1069
From: bobbysroom <>
Subject: Re: Not looking for a critique
Date: Thursday, July 17 2003 - 06:52:45

For one thing, Comic Con in San Diego is not the largest in the
world, just the US, and that title varies from year to year. I
believe the biggest is in Japan and the second biggest is in Mexico

As for your story and the story of the midgets, you two are really
insensitive people. First the comments in your story about the fat
girl as you refer to her, an in the other story the insensitivity for
midgets is really uncalled for, and I doubt Lisa would like to be
featured in that story as a midget hater.

If you guys don't like my story then why not just say so and let it
be. I don't see the reason for wasting yours and the other readers of
this groups time by writing stupid stories that make you look like

Also I am done critiquing stories that are a waste of my time, I just
wonder if Lisa will be smart enough to stop reading them and wasting
her time. I wouldn't be all that upset if she doesn't reads mine,
although I would see it as a great privilege if she did. I am
pursuing alternative publishers anyway, I don't think playboy wants
stories that have monogamous endings anyway. I suppose I could
rewrite them, but my goal is to get women interested in reading my
stories and women like monogamous endings. I think men do too, they
just don't want to admit it, but men want to be just as safe and
secure in a relationship as women do.

I think Hugh Hefner has always wanted that as well, but like me he
suffers from a brain disorder that doesn't allow him to have the
coping abilities to stay married even though he watches old movies
where the man always gets the girl in the end and they live happily
ever after. I think he has taken up this lifestyle of having a
brothel of bunnies as a way of not having to deal with his true
demon, and that is commitment. I also think he thinks he is too old
and too rich and famous for someone to just love him for who he is
and that to me is the saddest tragedy of them all.

I know that I would be more happy being a nine to five worker with a
wife and children that loved me for who and what I am than being the
richest man on the earth. Unfortunately I have to deal with the
reality that I will never hold a nine to five job and the likely hood
of me finding a woman who can love me with my personality traits is
one in a million.

So for all you guys out there that have that woman that you once
adored and maybe you are thinking that she isn't the same fox she was
ten years ago, remember this, if you are lucky she still loves you
like she did the day she met you and there is nothing greater than
the love of a woman when it is shared with the love of a man. Of
course I am speaking for the heterosexual human, but I imagine it
goes the same for the homosexual as well.

Now with all that said, I understand that there are swingers out
there that would disagree with me in part. Mostly they would say that
swinging is a way to discover more than one lover and all of that. So
if a marriage can thrive in that atmosphere then that's all the
better for them, but for me I just want one woman that will love me
until the day I die or until the day she dies, and if that love were
to last just one year than that would be one year worth living for. I
guess in a way that's one of the reasons I go on living, because I
believe that one in a million chances do exist and if it takes until
I'm an old man than it will be worth the wait.

Love and Light,

Bobby :)

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