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ID Number: 1073
From: panda94577 <>
Subject: Re: Three Words:
Date: Thursday, July 17 2003 - 16:20:35

Arlo...I agree COMPLETELY!!!!!

Where ARE the moderators of this Group??? They need to do some work,
this is NOT an English 101 Group! (and I'm using the word "English"
very liberally!)


--- In, arlo_speer <no_reply@y...> wrote:

> This board is becoming a total waste of time. We are here to talk
> and learn about Lisa Marie Scott, not listen to the nonsensical
> ramblings of a few people who obviously have nothing better to do
> than spend their time writing third-rate novellas about her and
> that have nothing to do with reality.
> Bobbysroom, while I understand that you are using this as an
> outlet, you should probably find a better venue for it than this
> forum, as it is highly inappropriate here. I wish you the best,
> but this group is not the place for either your stories or your
> highly personal revelations. I do not want to seem cold and
> unfeeling, but please cease and desist.
> I would encourage everyone to ignore any post that is overly long
> and hope that the moderators will remove all of the crap that has
> been clogging this place of late.

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