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ID Number: 1077
From: panda94577 <>
Subject: Re: Three Words:
Date: Friday, July 18 2003 - 03:04:43

OK, if you think these posts makes the Group a better one, then do
what you want. I just don't see how it does make the Group better to
constantly be getting these overly lengthy pieces of gibberish. (What
IS "reasonable" length, anyway?)

Think of what a first timer coming into this Group and seeing such
posts must think.

Just my two cents.


--- In, jrichins2000 <no_reply@y...> wrote:
> Thanks Arlo and Steve for you comments,
> You should know that the moderators reject or remove a hefty amount
> of spam and other posts every day. The rules for allowing a post
> the club have been stated before and are very clear:
> 1) Every post must be about Lisa Marie Scott - information about
> career, her website, questions about Lisa, etc. Any post that does
> not mention Lisa is immediately deleted.
> 2) No post may include personal information about Ms. Scott. Her
> privacy will be strictly protected in this group.
> 3) Any post that is patently offensive may be subject to removal
> well.
> Some of the posts in recent weeks have violated rule number 1.
> However, they were not removed because Lisa herself has responded
> acknowledged them.
> Some of the posts seem to include personal information about Ms.
> Scott, but since the information in those posts is clearly false,
> they don't seem to pose a threat to Lisa's privacy.
> Compared with posts that have been removed in the past, none of the
> posts are really very offensive - extremely weird, yes, but
> this group is an open forum about Lisa, and if you guys want to
> up funny little stories about Lisa, then whatever.
> Personally, I think strait_flush'es stories are at least mildly
> entertaining, but in particular, I appreciate that they don't
> Lisa performing any hard core sex acts, debauching herself, or
> committing any crimes, or anything of that nature.
> I think I can speak for all the moderators when I say that,
> you follow the rules above, and keep your posts to a reasonable
> length, go ahead and knock yourselves out. Maybe someone should
> START a fictional story about Lisa, and then have other's add to it
> or whatever...
> Just try to keep it in-bounds

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