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ID Number: 1087
From: "Robert" <>
Subject: A man who wears his heart on his sleeves in no less of a man. . .
Date: Tuesday, July 22 2003 - 03:02:19

In fact a man that can be open to his heart is more of a man than one
that hides behind his heart. All I ever asked for was something form
Lisa, not a bunch of immature retorts from the boys on this site.
From what I can tell, by the illicit behavior of a few, this site
must be in need of great reform by the moderators. My intentions were
always clear, and they were about Lisa, and since there is no
definition as to what that content therein lies, then I was well
within the bounds of this groups charter.

Now when certain un-named individuals took it upon themselves to make
more out of nothing, just to be audacious, heros of their own
definition, it became me who was on trial for my actions that hereto
I have said were within the bounds of this group. My biggest mistake
was to lower myself to their ludicrous behavior, and my other mistake
was to leave this group when I was temporally overcome with emotion.

I seriously doubt that Lisa will be interested in me writing for her,
I have so far been turned down by numerous models, all but one had
the decency to write to me and tell me that she didn't have the time
to publish my work, let alone keep up with her site, a remarkable
confession from someone who is in her position. Of course I am sure
Lisa spends much of her time working on her site, but I wonder how
much longer she will keep it up. I was hoping for someone like Lisa
to be my agent and push my story in on playboy and thus would become
an agent and not have to worry so much about her birthdays. Well
maybe I will never know.

As far as I have seen, I have not offended Lisa, I know nothing about
her personal life, and to my knowledge my post have had something to
do with Lisa, please correct me if I am wrong. As for my attempt to
further my career, I hardly think that one or two post should have
made such a big difference. And as for the length of my post, besides
this one, the rest were small in comparison, and it seems that my
story was deleted so the moderators were keeping their word on that
one. I would also say that if you don't like me or my post you can
delete them just as easily as the moderators have.

Lisa I hope you will understand why I wrote this post in defense of
myself, and I still think you are one of the most beautiful women I
have ever met, or will ever meet, I wish I would be in San Diego in
time for Comic Con.

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