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ID Number: 1088
From: strait_flush5 <>
Subject: Re: A man who wears his heart on his sleeves in no less of a man. . .
Date: Tuesday, July 22 2003 - 13:59:33

You say "Un-named individuals" but since I am the only person who you
have directly replied to over the past few weeks, I think it's safe
to assume that I am at least one of those you are implicating with
your allegations of "illicit behavior."

However, I would like to know exactly what constitutes in your mind
an "immature retort?" Nothing in any of my posts referenced your
story or any of your earlier posts at all. I was not "retort-ing" to
anything you had written at all. Quite the contrary, since you were
able to post a story (which had nothing to do with Lisa at all), I
figured I could surely post some fun and silly stories with a
fictional version of Lisa as a character myself.

It was only your own megalomania and hyper-sensitivity about
your "illness" that connected my posts with yours. You offered a
scathing critique of my first story, which I ignored. But, when you
persisted in complaining about persecution that did not exist, I did
offered a tongue-in-cheek apology. If you want to make this group
into "all about Bobby," then so be it.

(Moderators, you may have to step in pretty soon)


--- In, "Robert" <bobbysroom@y...> wrote:
> In fact a man that can be open to his heart is more of a man than
> that hides behind his heart. All I ever asked for was something
> Lisa, not a bunch of immature retorts from the boys on this site.
> From what I can tell, by the illicit behavior of a few, this site
> must be in need of great reform by the moderators. My intentions
> always clear, and they were about Lisa, and since there is no
> definition as to what that content therein lies, then I was well
> within the bounds of this groups charter.
> Now when certain un-named individuals took it upon themselves to
> more out of nothing, just to be audacious, heros of their own
> definition, it became me who was on trial for my actions that
> I have said were within the bounds of this group. My biggest
> was to lower myself to their ludicrous behavior, and my other
> was to leave this group when I was temporally overcome with emotion.
> I seriously doubt that Lisa will be interested in me writing for
> I have so far been turned down by numerous models, all but one had
> the decency to write to me and tell me that she didn't have the
> to publish my work, let alone keep up with her site, a remarkable
> confession from someone who is in her position. Of course I am sure
> Lisa spends much of her time working on her site, but I wonder how
> much longer she will keep it up. I was hoping for someone like Lisa
> to be my agent and push my story in on playboy and thus would
> an agent and not have to worry so much about her birthdays. Well
> maybe I will never know.
> As far as I have seen, I have not offended Lisa, I know nothing
> her personal life, and to my knowledge my post have had something
> do with Lisa, please correct me if I am wrong. As for my attempt to
> further my career, I hardly think that one or two post should have
> made such a big difference. And as for the length of my post,
> this one, the rest were small in comparison, and it seems that my
> story was deleted so the moderators were keeping their word on that
> one. I would also say that if you don't like me or my post you can
> delete them just as easily as the moderators have.
> Lisa I hope you will understand why I wrote this post in defense of
> myself, and I still think you are one of the most beautiful women I
> have ever met, or will ever meet, I wish I would be in San Diego in
> time for Comic Con.

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