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ID Number: 1101
From: lisamariescottdotcom <>
Subject: wow.......
Date: Tuesday, July 29 2003 - 23:03:04


A lot going on in here! Guess I've missed a lot :)

Well.....I do think that people should be free to express themselves
in here, however, we do need to maintain the spirit of what the group
is supposed to be about I guess. I do not personally moderate this
group but check in now and then to post and / or read (secretly :))
the postings from others. I will leave it up to the two moderators
to decide what is not appropriate for the group.

Ultimately, I would like the group to be a positive thing...dealing
with what should or should not be censored really is not what I'd
like it to be about.

Having said all that, I hope the rest of you are doing swell and are
enjoying the second half of summer....can't believe it's almost
August! I'm doing great....this past month was pretty hectic because
I shot for next year's calendar but we finally have wrapped all that
up and I'm now concentrating on the website. I know I've been saying
this for a while but you all will really see a sampling of what's to
come here shortly....we are working on the preview posting as we
speak. I can honestly say that many of the sets are some of the best
shots I've ever taken....really quality stuff. But then you all can
be the judge of that :).....I'm also working on offering some new
payment options like paypal, etc...I know some of you have mentioned
that to me in the past. Other than the website and the calendar,
been doing shows...San Diego Comicon was a blast! Had a lot of fun
and it was beautiful it down there! I may or may not
be at Wizard World in Chicago...keep you posted on the website news
and updates if I do attend. And I'll be in Atlanta at the end of
August for Dragon Con, CHicago in September for Glamourcon (should
have the new calendars by then!), and of course LA Glamourcon in
November. I may also do a small comic book show in San Jose in
November as well which I will keep you all posted on...And possibly
East Rutherford NJ for Chiller Convention the weekend before
Halloween in October (held at the East Rutherford Meadowlands
Sheraton)....Hope to see some of you at some of these shows...would
be awesome!!!!

LOve....Lisa Marie :)

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