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ID Number: 1103
From: "jeffborowak" <>
Subject: Re: wow....... (and Tin Toy Dreamz)
Date: Wednesday, July 30 2003 - 06:57:52

--- In, lisamariescottdotcom <no_reply@y...>
> Wow....
> A lot going on in here! Guess I've missed a lot :)

> Ultimately, I would like the group to be a positive thing...dealing
> with what should or should not be censored really is not what I'd
> like it to be about.


For a rather small group, it does indeed make a lot of noise! Your
comments were well done, when you get tired of modeling I see a future
in Public Relations. Or maybe you can land an Ambassadorship with a
few of us in your entourage to keep those sleazy dictators from
stepping out of line.

I met you in 2000 (G-Con) and you signed a toy I brought (a small,
pink tin robot). Which put you in the company of several other
celebrities including the late great writer Douglas Adams. For the
benefit of others not fortunate enough to have been there, I will try
to post a photo of that historic event to the site soon.

Regards to all,

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