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ID Number: 1134
From: paingod2032 <>
Subject: Re: CD Of Lisa On Ebay
Date: Friday, October 10 2003 - 01:50:48

I don't expect a response, but I have to ask anyway.

Seeing as there is a demand for CDs of your pix, have you thought of
selling authorized CDs? Maybe something to consider as you have
over 150 archived sets.


--- In, lisamariescottdotcom
<no_reply@y...> wrote:
Thanks for bringing this up Raymond....I have contacted ebay about
this violation of my copyright and I want to stress that this is
totally illegal and NOT with my permission. We are actively looking
into this blatant disregard of my intellectual property rights and
people who do this will be held responsible. One of the nice things
about going to a top ten law school is having lots of lawyer
friends....I'll leave it that.

If anyone comes across similar illegal behavior, please email me at
webmaster@l... Thanks!

Lisa Marie

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