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ID Number: 1140
From: panda94577 <>
Subject: Lisa at Super-Con, Hayward,Ca.
Date: Monday, October 20 2003 - 07:30:00

Lisa was at the comic book show in Hayward today and I was able to
meet her in person for the very first time.

Lisa has always come across in this Group and on her website as a
pretty nice person. So, as I was nervously driving to the show, I
expected she would be nice. I cannot tell you how much she exceeded
all of my expectations....Lisa is one of the nicest and friendliest
people that you could ever hope to meet!

After talking to her for a few minutes, she invited me to sit at her
table and I ended up staying for the rest of the afternoon until the
show ended! We were able to talk when fan traffic slowed and Lisa was
just wonderful the whole time. When she wanted to go and get
something for lunch, she asked me to stay and watch over her table
(which I was more than happy to do). She was later able to go next
door to check out a Bonsai Tree show, while I again stayed behind. I
also helped take pictures of fans that wanted to pose with Lisa.

I might add, it takes a lot for me to miss watching a San Francisco
49ers football game, but the time spent today with Lisa was one of
those rare times that I did so, and I think I would make that trade
EVERY time!! (OK, I taped the game and watched it when I got
home...Niners 24 Tampa Bay 7!!)

Let me say something too about Lisa's fans. They are the most
wonderful people....Lisa is so approachable, that she immediately
puts anyone that comes up to her completely at ease. I witnessed this
the whole afternoon. I guess we were kind of lucky, as this was not a
really big show and fans could take the time and engage Lisa in

Let me close by saying if Lisa is ever in an area that is close to
you, DO NOT miss the chance to meet her. Don't be nervous or
hesitant, she is very approachable and will put you completely at
ease. Amazingly, I met her today and I think of her as a
great is that?

Thank you Lisa for a most wonderful day...I can hardly wait for you
to come back and see you again.


BTW- It was also great to meet the Cookie Monster and Tag too!

Oh yeah- if my pictures come out OK, I'll try to post them here.

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