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ID Number: 1151
From: "brybryadam" <>
Subject: How's the video?
Date: Monday, November 03 2003 - 18:31:07

Just curious, I'm a one time long-standing member who doesn't
currently have a membership (I couldn't reconcile the cost for
awhile there). Anwyay, I'm thinking of re-joining but I'm wondering
if the video is any better. Before it was just some video with a
random song, etc. The problem was the resolution was pretty bad.
Are the newer (and future) ones any better?

I heard something about a "daily strip," I've no idea what that is,
I'm guessing other girls?

Anyway I guess I'm asking if I should re-join, lol.

PS, I would be killed in my sleep if pictures of woman (especially
one as fetching as LMS) were sent to my house, as I'm married.
Then, if it were signed, I'd probably be tortured THEN killed in my
sleep. Any way to join and not get the photos?

Bryan, San Diego

(damn disappointed I couldn't get out to Comicon)

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