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ID Number: 1152
From: steve8690 <>
Subject: Re: How's the video?
Date: Friday, November 07 2003 - 22:09:24

--- In, "brybryadam" <brybryadam@h...>
> Just curious, I'm a one time long-standing member who doesn't
> currently have a membership (I couldn't reconcile the cost for
> awhile there). Anwyay, I'm thinking of re-joining but I'm
>wondering if the video is any better. Before it was just some
>video with a random song, etc. The problem was the resolution was
>pretty bad. Are the newer (and future) ones any better?

The videos are pretty much the same. I find them to be okay as far
as resolution is concerned, but they are always behind-the-scenes
clips of her photoshoots and as such, rather unexciting.

> I heard something about a "daily strip," I've no idea what that
>is, I'm guessing other girls?

No other girls, just a daily(and usually non-nude) pic of Lisa from
the archives.

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