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ID Number: 1179
From: lisamariescottdotcom <>
Subject: Re: Chiller Theatre Convention (Zdrok got the Boot?)
Date: Monday, December 15 2003 - 07:27:27

<idolsmasher_99@y...> wrote:
> Zdrok got kicked out of Chiller?- LOL, I think you've just made my
> day. I can't wait to tell my 'Minions'.
> Hey, Lisa are you and Zdrok a team or a Package? cause you were
> with her in 2001 when I saw you. Zdroks fake cans looked like they
> were gonna get 'Kicked out of' her top.
> Stay in School kids and Don't get the Implants!....that's what
> the Idol always says.
> The Idol

Hi Idol,

No, I am not a "team" or "package" (???) with I
have worked with her a few times but I don't know her that well. As
for what happened at Chiller, I honestly don't know a thing about it
since I was signing in a totally different area from her at the show.

xoxo...lisa Marie

> --- In, "Phil" <pme21765@a...> wrote:
> > Lisa-Marie, it was great seeing you at the convention.
> Unfortuneately
> > the picture I took with you didn't come out, but the picture I
> > of you did. It's disappointing, but at least I still have a
> of
> > us from Glamourcon in 1997.
> > I heard Chiller was giving a hard time to Victoria Zdrok on
> > and kicked her out. Did you have any problems like that or hear
> what
> > happened with Victoria?
> >
> > Phil

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