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ID Number: 1193
From: panda94577 <>
Subject: Re: xmas and a gripe
Date: Thursday, December 25 2003 - 00:52:50

I've been a memeber of Lisa's site for about 6 months and I've never
had any problem accessing it.

I think you may have a browser problem, what are you using and who is
your ISP?


--- In, "borisdancing" <borisdancing@y...>
> Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays Lisa and Fans.
> Hate to bitch on Xmas but I rejoined the site last week and haven't
> been able to get into the site or get a response from anyone there.
> Hoping that posting this will get it resolved since Lisa drops in
> from time to time. I sure hate missing out on all the daily strips
> that are falling off the archives. Especially when I'm paying for
> them. Done bithin' have a good one everybody.
> Boris

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