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ID Number: 1199
From: "Reginald Kelly" <>
Subject: Happy New Year...
Date: Thursday, January 01 2004 - 08:22:48

To the moderator(s) and to all the members...
I really want to wish each and everyone of you a happy new year. If
2003 was not your year, than leave it in the past. Know that you have
a whole new year to live out all your dreams, goals, ambitions, and
fantasies. Thank God and Jesus for letting us see a new year. I'll
see you in 2004.

Much luv,

To Lisa Marie,
You have statred to live, to grow, and to succeed in 2003. Now it is
2004. Every thing you did big this year you can know do bigger this
year. Get more publications, double your fans, take more naughty and
sexier pictures, go farther in the industry than ever imagine. But
remember the more you get the bigger your responsibility is to help
others. Help another to make it just like you. You are sexy and

God bless & much luv to you,

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