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ID Number: 1233
From: slicnasty <>
Subject: Re: Lisa please Join "The Weekend Flash"
Date: Saturday, February 14 2004 - 19:53:18

i've seen the show and it's pretty lame...just my opinion.

i like to think of lisa's nudity on her site and in PB as artistic...
call me crazy but i just don't see reporting the news while stripping
as being artistic...gratuitous maybe, but not artistic.
again, just my opinion...

if lisa disagrees, then i'm sure she'll say the meantime, i
said my peace.
'nuff said.

"opinions are like ass holes...everybody has one."
-clint eastwood movie quote

--- In, "bigsal47" <precisiontunecs@a...>
> --- In, slicnasty <no_reply@y...> wrote:
> > this isn't the first time you've asked her to do this...she
> > answer you the first time either.
> > i think it's safe to say that lisa is way too classy to do that
> show.
> Dude, the girls on that show are just as naked as Lisa is on her
> site. Lisa is a classy girl, but she is definetly not some virgin
> in a white gown. She still poses nude and gets paid for it,
> remember that. And I am glad as hell that she does. Deanna Brooks
> is great on that show, her and Lisa would be very good together on
> it. Two great natural beauties.

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