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ID Number: 1236
From: "Raymond" <>
Subject: Re: Lisa please Join "The Weekend Flash"
Date: Sunday, February 15 2004 - 00:12:35

--- In, slicnasty <no_reply@y...> wrote:
> i've seen the show and it's pretty lame...just my opinion.
> i like to think of lisa's nudity on her site and in PB as
> call me crazy but i just don't see reporting the news while
> as being artistic...gratuitous maybe, but not artistic.
> again, just my opinion...

The below is just my opinion too.
I haven't seen this show, but your probably right. What other
purpose would there be to stripping while reading the weather? To
show how hot it is going to be?, but then they would be putting on my
clothes if it was going to be cold. And we don't want that now, do

But then, I happen to think that most PB, and others (let's just not
pick on PB), are pretty lame and most of the nudity gratuitous,
meaning it is unnecessary and unwarranted. But then again, I'm not
here for the reality, cohesion, continuity, or the integration into
the scene. I don't know about anybody else. However, if the scene
is built around the nudity it might make sense, but not if they just
throw some nudity into the scene and try make it fit.

As far as Lisa's work on her website being artistic? I think that it
is done in an artistic style just as I consider Mystique Magazine's
website to be artistically done. However, both are done mainly to
show off the female body in various poses and stages of being
clothed/unclothed. Mainly geared to the heterosexual male who want
to see nude females done in an artistic softcore style.

Sometimes even artistic nudity can be, and is, deemed inappropriate
as the below story illustrates.

February 13, 2004
Postal clerk rejects nude Art show invites

Return to sender - too much T&A.
The post office said a postcard invitation to Bodyscapes - an exhibit
of nude paintings in Washingtonville - pushed the envelope.
The postcard featured a delicately curved nude woman sitting in
profile. But a local postal clerk deemed it inappropriate for public

Read the rest of the story and see the pic at:

"The fodder of wet dreams ... is foisted on the populace on every
turn, while the quiet glory of the delicately posed naked human form
is judged as offensive to the masses."
Walden artist Bridget Herbst, whose invitations to her art exhibit
were rejected by the post office.

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