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ID Number: 1238
From: "asitwilbe" <>
Subject: Happy Cardchocoteleviralpsychosinfectiondontquestion DAY!!!!
Date: Sunday, February 15 2004 - 03:41:19

Given the begriming efforts of such enthused "holy-er...holidays" to
impede progress in any form whatsoever beneficial
to....well....anything (continue ad nauseum) i'd just like to express
a fond thank you for occupying much of my time as a child, and
dawning much in terms of lethargy/apoplectic hysteria (didn't know
the two mixed, eh?)[said:one head worse than another]
a syllogism borne in fact of distinctive reflection, i wish u much
success in "life" and new horizons each day to keep u going.
keep the faith, but figure where its coming from just to be sure.
....just think, with the investments made in photography, you can be
well assured 'immortality' as one of many archetypes for 22nd century
(if it lasts that long) genetically induced harems!
sneering joke aside, its just my head talking...or maybe a twilight
zone epsiode?

"some say its just a part of it, we've got to fulfill the book"

wishing you good health, good tunes, smiles and easy rest on this
saturday, don't over do it now, make room for the next one.
You do for photography, what frustrated artists do for inspiration,
ya bring movement to still life.
<didnt think it'd make sense, but it does. try it.>

--the welcome "matt"

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