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ID Number: 1242
From: "asitwilbe" <>
Subject: Re: Lisa please Join "The Weekend Flash"
Date: Tuesday, February 17 2004 - 21:06:55

"...I happen to think that most PB, and ...pretty lame ...gratuitous,
...unnecessary and unwarranted. But then again, *****I'm not
here for the reality, cohesion, continuity, or the integration into
the scene.**** I don't know about anybody else. However, if the scene
is built around the nudity it might make sense, but not if they just
throw some nudity into the scene and try make it fit." [kinda like
CHaplin needing his gags to "make sense"]

"As far as Lisa's work on her website .... artistically done.
$$$$However, both are done mainly to show off the female body in
various poses and stages of being clothed/unclothed. Mainly geared to
the heterosexual male who want to see nude females done in an
artistic softcore style."$$$$

is that you Pardeep?? oh my!, its been such a long time since Bangkok
boarding school.....i feel your assessment was right on the spot,
except for some unnecessary ramblings..."rhetorical contradiction"
(asterix above*)...etc.......heighten your disposition to be inclined
to look at women's wouldn't be here if that were not
the case......go ahead, slick it up a bit (the topic-the topic!!---
NOTHING ELSE!!) if it makes you comfortable

as far as digesting human works like a script, thats the saddest
practice one can have in mind. reduction leads to constraints...i
guess the whole point in death is so that you might be born again
(fingers x'd) to do it all over again?...i dunno, maybe thats the
ticket out....kinda leads to isolation tho', thats something to ask a
presidential campaign, speech writer, sociologist...they've all
seemed to find a solution to selling cheap "goods", cost effective
homes (like my "dwelling" that Prince referred to as a "one-room
jungle monkey cage")....and the "royalty"...oh my how they've had
CENTURIES of colonialism to back efforts up
with "precedent".....sales booms in peroxide?

any body ever see "the boys from brazil?"

COMMENT #2 [refer to $$$$$above$$$] NO SHIT. I'm not a parrot, and
you're not Spock. (sure to alienate me, as if my mouth didn't do that
already)...its just that the "born yesterday" story is kinda
tired...let it die in peace in the comfort of "Blossom", Joey
Lawrence, that brother guy from "the Wonder Years" and hopefully "the
western" (BULL$#!+)

clothed and unclothed? THE POOR GIRL!!!...HOW ELSE CAN WE SEE HER?!!
mid-clothed doesn't exist yet..maybe she'll be ethereal someday.....i
dunno...." u got me. "

oh,man this is fun... and useful..its not "politics" (chains), God or
social tape, but it's still fun.....the one thing guys can all agree
on (without spitting)...wait wait....[said one head to another]

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