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ID Number: 1244
From: "hapa_17" <>
Subject: degrees of separation...
Date: Sunday, February 22 2004 - 11:31:22

hi...i was interested to find this group in which lisa herself posts
every once in a while. well...if you're out there and actually read
these, i just wanted to share a memory, if i could.

back between 1998 and 2000, i was an employee at the UCLA bookstore.
one slow morning, in either '99 or '00, i was all zoned out while
working the cash register. then bang!...this girl steps to the
counter to buy a book. i help her out, not really thinking much of it
until i take a good look at her. "dude," i thought to myself, "this
girl TOTALLY looks like lisa marie scott!" i thought maybe, but
couldn't be sure. before i knew it, she pulled out her credit card to
pay, and it confirmed what i thought (had her real last name, which i
won't say). i was ALL in awe and contemplated saying something, but
felt embarrassed to pull out a "you're my favorite playboy model" or
something like that. i even considered playing it coy and just
telling her something like "are you hapa?" (of course she'd say
yes) "i am too!" (thus avoiding the fact that i can identify a
playboy model off the top of my head, AND hopefully connecting with
her on the hapa tip). alas, i couldn't muster up the courage to say
anything besides "your receipt is in the bag. have a nice day!"

interestingly enough, a year or two later, a friend of mine told me
lisa marie was in his law school class at uc berkley (boalt law
school, i believe). however, before long, he told me he no longer had
classes with her.

so anyway...i just wanted lisa marie to know about our paths crossing
ever so briefly and how i couldn't muster up the courage to speak to
her. if you're out there and you're reading this, this is for the
opportunity i missed: are you hapa? i am too! hot hapas rule!


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