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ID Number: 1286
From: lisamariescottdotcom <>
Subject: San Diego and website down earlier, etc :)
Date: Friday, July 23 2004 - 00:04:58

Hi everyone!! I just typed up a message but I'm not sure if it went
through or not so here I go again (isn't that a song or
something????)...excuse me if I repeat myself

Yes, I will be in San Diego at Comicon....upstairs in the autograph
area. Wasn't able to make it today because I've been running around
like a mad woman getting new photos made but I WILL be there Friday
(3-7pm), Saturday and Sunday (11-2 or 3pm)....So if you are brave
enough to go (It is crazy there!! :)) come and find me!!

I apologize for the website being down earlier today....some minor
technical issues when the domain name renewed but it should be fine
now....For those of you that are waiting on mail membership you
should receive your account information next week...My webbie that
handles that usually is on "vacation" (military reserves training :
(()...He's back Sunday so just give him a few days to catch up.

I'm really excited about the the next few weeks we'll
be a new auction (including some artwork), new musings and behind
the scenes, and videos....along with the usual updates...I'm also
working on adding several new features such as a periodic interview
so stay tuned!

THANKS so much for all your cool emails and messages!!

Love....Lisa Marie

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