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ID Number: 1299
From: "Raymond" <>
Subject: Re: Ask Lisa a Question
Date: Monday, September 06 2004 - 01:25:22

--- In, strait_flush5 <no_reply@y...> wrote:
> those are great questions. I wonder those things myself.
> If I had a chance to interview Lisa personally, I would also ask:
> Tell of an experience where a fan said/did something really off-the-
> wall and memorable. Did he accidentally say something offensive?
> Did he say/do something particularly nice?

Thanks. You also have a good question. I would probably also ask
for at least one good and at least one bad.

From my previous post (msg 1388) I would also like to add to the
definition of a "total stranger" that it also be somebody that nobody
has told you about.

I would also add the following fan related questions.

When you started out your fans were around your age or older. Some
even around your parents or even your grandparents age. Now some of
them can be at least 10 years younger that you are now.

Do you remember how you felt, what the experience was like, meeting
fans that were around your parents or grandparents age? What about
How do you feel, what is the experience like, meeting fans that are
younger than you - just out of High School or may be still in High

Which age group (younger, same, older) do you feel most comfortable
meeting and why? What makes you less comfortable about the other two?

Does any of the above change with the gender, age and/or sexual
preference of the person?

The following are not fan related:

Are you still involved in ballet in any way? Do you practice, either
by yourself or in a group. Do you perform at all? Maybe not
professionally, but maybe in small community projects or in a group
that might just perform for themselves?
Do you teach, or ever tried or thought about teaching?

Do you think that the your modeling/acting career has hurt/helped/had
no effect on what you planned on doing in life?
Has it changed your plans on what you planned on doing in life?

Did you ever get the chance to learn Japanese, French or how to cook?

Between the three people that have posted questions I don't think
that there are still not enough questions for an interview. Maybe
some other people can come up with some.

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