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ID Number: 1302
From: telephone11105 <>
Subject: Re: suggestions
Date: Monday, September 20 2004 - 23:08:20

Wow, I couldn't agree more, J. Those ideas sound sexy.

Lisa, I'd also suggest incorporating some food in your pics (maybe
some whip cream, chocolate, or strawberries). Wouldn't mind seing
you with another model either. Maybe a nice blonde playmate, like
Teri Harrison, Kimberley Stanfield, or Rebecca Scott! That would be
amazing - the two Scott girls (one the perfect petite brunette, the
other a sexy, voluptuous blonde).

I agree with everything J said. You are so sexy and all of your sets
are great. But I end up looking elsewhere to get a little something
more. You're my favorite model, so turn up the heat, Lisa, please!


--- In, tennies2004 <no_reply@y...> wrote:
> Lisa,
> In your first backstage message from 9/14, you mentioned that you
> would be doing a photo shoot in October, and that you were looking
> for suggestions. I think the nurse idea you mentioned sounds hot.
> I'd also like to see you in a cheerleader set. That would be
> perfect for your look. Also, don't be afraid to push the envelope
> little bit. I've noticed that in recent sets, you've revealed a
> little bit more in a few pics than you generally had in the past.
> These are awesome, but don't stop there. You are an amazingly
> beautiful woman. Trust me - the more you choose to reveal, the
> your fans will be able to enjoy. You might think about doing this
> in the videos, too. In fact, I'd pay more for that. Thanks Lisa!
> J

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