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ID Number: 138
From: slicnasty
Subject: Re: Playboy's BOL Model of the Year Vote
Date: Sunday, January 07 2001 - 10:54:46

i noticed you keep mentioning this whole
"bottomless" or "frontal nudity" thing...

playboy has
plenty of those kind of shots of's anyone's
guess as to why they haven't shown them

anyway, i don't know where you get your grounds for
saying she'll lose even if she has the most
i will say this: as soon as sung hi lee was in the
lead for voting last year, they took down the poll

soooo, you can speculate that playboy has something
against asians if you wanna talk about conspiracy

it wasn't hard to figure out that as soon as jodi
ann paterson won PMOY, you knew sung hi wouldn't win
the BOL award cuz there's no way that two asians
would win the two most prestigious playboy model awards
in the same year.

just my four cents...:)

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