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ID Number: 1386
From: "Raymond" <>
Subject: Newsletter from
Date: Tuesday, April 26 2005 - 02:11:36

Lisa's newest email newsletter.

Hi Gang!

I have a new auction starting up in a few hours, so I hope you don't
mind me sending out a little reminder to come check out my latest

Pictured in Sets #62 and #99 is my White String Bikini, starting at

The Black Lace Corset in Set #189 is up for bidding starting at $40,
which is a real bargain considering how much I paid, and what it's
"been through" or maybe better stated, "been on"...

Finally, I have my cute Santa Outfit from Sets #253 and #254, which
was a sure 'joy' to wear. I have the bidding starting at $75.

Please remember that all winning bids not only get the auction item,
but other goodies as well, such as a signed 8 x 10, trading card and
possibly more (depends on my mood that day I pack and ship it, but it
won't be anything like a used kleenex, etc. =) )!

I hope you get a moment to check it out, and feel free to email my
webmaster at if you have any questions
or problems!



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