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ID Number: 1395
From: "griffinstinger" <>
Subject: lisa's playboy videos
Date: Wednesday, June 29 2005 - 19:25:59

I did a search on for lisa's videos, and on result that was
returned was "Playboy's Really Naked Truth". I guess this is a
collection of candid-camera stunts that they did for playboy tv, and
then released into dvd.

I was not aware that lisa had appeared in any of these features, or
that she appears in this video. Can anyone confirm this?

Up until now, the only videos I knew that had lisa are the playmate
calendar for 1995, Wet and Wild - Hot Holidays, Rising Stars and
Hollywood Starlets, and Asian Exotica. (Her set from Rising Stars is
duplicated in Babes of Baywatch). I think it is possible that she
appeared in another wet and wild, but I'm not sure.

A little help?

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