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ID Number: 1396
From: "Raymond" <>
Subject: Re: lisa's playboy videos
Date: Thursday, June 30 2005 - 04:50:58

--- In, "griffinstinger"
<griffinstinger@y...> wrote:
> I did a search on for lisa's videos, and on result that
> returned was "Playboy's Really Naked Truth". I guess this is a
> collection of candid-camera stunts that they did for playboy tv,
> then released into dvd.
> I was not aware that lisa had appeared in any of these features, or
> that she appears in this video. Can anyone confirm this?
> Up until now, the only videos I knew that had lisa are the playmate
> calendar for 1995, Wet and Wild - Hot Holidays, Rising Stars and
> Hollywood Starlets, and Asian Exotica. (Her set from Rising Stars
> duplicated in Babes of Baywatch). I think it is possible that she
> appeared in another wet and wild, but I'm not sure.
> A little help?

Have not seen it, so I can't tell you for sure, but it is not listed
in her resume or in IMDB for her.

Movie Credits
Glass Cage with Eric Roberts (1995)
Corporate Ladder with Ben Cross (1996)
Ringer with Timothy Bottoms and Malcolm McDowell (1996)

Playboy Videos
Playmate Calendar (1995)
Playboy's Rising Stars (1996)
Babes of Baywatch (1996)
Asian Exotica

Actress - filmography

1. The Corporate Ladder (1997) .... Kyoko
2. The Glass Cage (1996) .... Kiko
3. Ringer (1996) .... Shimeko

Herself - filmography

1. Asian Exotica (1999) (V) .... Herself
... aka Playboy's Asian Exotica (USA: complete title)
2. Babes of Baywatch (1998) (V) .... Herself
... aka Playboy's Babes of Baywatch (USA: complete title)
3. Rising Stars and Sexy Starlets (1998) (V) .... Herself
... aka Playboy's Rising Stars and Sexy Starlets (USA: complete
4. Playboy Video Playmate Calendar 1996 (1996) (V) .... Herself
(Miss May)
5. Playboy Wet & Wild: Hot Holidays (1995) (V) .... Herself

Amazon does carry it, but when I did a search for Lisa Marie Scott did
not show it. But among the above these were included in the search

Final Destination (2000) VHS
The Last Marshal (1999) VHS
Meat Loaf - To Hell and Back (2000) VHS
Naked Wishes (2000) VHS
Naked Wishes (Unrated Edition) (2000) VHS
The Night That Never Happened (1997) VHS
Stripteaser 2 (1997) VHS

Sorry I could not have been more help. Maybe somebody that has seen
the video can tell us.

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