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ID Number: 140
From: jrichins2000
Subject: Re: Playboy's BOL Model of the Year Vote
Date: Monday, January 08 2001 - 22:56:17

Actually, I am a member of her website, as well
as her fan club, precisely because she wanted to be
lawyer and was going to go back to school. I completely
understand her motivations, and support her in her decision,
to begin to change her public image, more
conservative like it is now. I don't continue as a member of
her site only because I'm hoping to see more
bottomless pics. In fact, I'm with you when you say "how
many pictures of her breasts can you look at?" I don't
even bother with the pics much anymore - they are not
the appeal for me anyway. I like the feeling of
staying abreast of what is happening with Lisa, and I
enjoy the occasional opportunity to chat with her, and
to hear what she thinks about real, substantial

I've been a fan of Lisa's since her Feb '95
centerfold, and have always thought that she was an
exceptional Playmate with extraordinary talent and
intelligence. I've met her, and though she may be hard pressed
to remember me, I was thoroughly impressed with her
(I'll never wash my right hand

Finally, I'm fairly certain that Lisa couldn't care less
about BoL's model of the year. I'm sure the perks would
be nice, and a little extra, albeit temporary,
public exposure could sure have some benefits for her as
well, I don't think that a career in entertainment is
her focus anymore, even if her future may still be a
little up in the air. I think I've come to realize, as
she surely does, that there is a whole lot more to a
person than pubic hair.

At any rate, far be it
from me to complain about the effort she puts into her
high quality, classy web site, nor to attempt to
dictate to her how much skin to show. I'm perfectly
satisfied that she answers her own email and occasionally
joins in a chat online.

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