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ID Number: 1421
From: "Raymond" <>
Subject: Why Lesbianism Is Widely Accepted
Date: Wednesday, August 03 2005 - 02:08:11

Found an interesting article about homosexuality in Ask Men. It may
or may not apply to Lisa, I don't know and I don't am not going to
speculate, but I think that it does apply to the topic of

There is a lot more to the article than I reproduced below.

Why Lesbianism Is Widely Accepted
By Dr. Victoria Zdrok
Women's Sexuality Correspondent - Every 2nd Tuesday

In recent years, the popularity of lesbian erotica in the mainstream
media has been growing. From the Madonna-Britney kiss to the lesbian
liaisons on mainstream shows like Ally McBeal and Buffy the Vampire
Slayer to the popularity of The L Word, the media has relied on
lesbian kisses to boost ratings.
Surveys reveal that the majority of men and women seem to enjoy
watching two women engage in a passionate interlude. The reverse is
not true, as male homosexual erotica is far less accepted in our
society, which seems to be due to an interplay of biological,
evolutionary and social factors.

biological underpinnings
Our biology offers some insight into why lesbian behavior is more
widely accepted than homosexual behavior. Apparently, female sexuality
is much more likely to be continuous (i.e. bisexual) while male
sexuality is more likely to be dichotomous (i.e. either gay or
Some studies have shown that there is an anatomical difference in
certain brain structures (the hypothalamus and anterior commissure) in
homosexual and heterosexual males. No corresponding dichotomy was
found in the brain structures of lesbian and straight women.

evolutionary underpinnings
Humans evolved from animals that lived in packs featuring a dominant
male and a group of females and offspring. The dominant male had
sexual access to the females and usually fought any other male who
sought access to supremacy. Thus, male-male relationships were
characterized by hostility and competition for access to the females.

sociological underpinnings
Female bisexuality is clearly much more accepted in our society than
male bisexuality. Even the Bible passage cited by Christians, Jews and
Muslims who believe homosexuality is wrong (and not all of them do,
believe me) only mentions men. Leviticus 18:22 says that a man going
to bed with another man as he would with his wife is wrong, but says
nothing about women sleeping together.

female bisexuality in the media
With the advent of media pornography, watching lesbian porn became
widespread among heterosexual males. Men are more likely to be aroused
by visual stimuli, and watching two women perform sexual acts on each
other suggests that these women are lascivious and sexually receptive.
It is also less threatening to them than watching a woman with another
man who can be perceived as more virile than they are. In fact, men
frequently view lesbian acts as an "appetizer," and imagine that
lesbians secretly desire men for their "main meal."

bisexuality and gay culture
While gays and lesbians have made great strides in gaining acceptance
in society for their homosexual choices and lifestyles, even winning
the right to marry in Spain, Canada, the Low Countries, and
Massachusetts, there is still a strong undercurrent of opposition to
such sexuality in most of the world. This opposition is fueled by a
panoply of evolutionary, biological and sociological factors, and is
not easily overcome.

Dr. Victoria Zdrok earned her Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from Drexel
University, a J.D. from Villanova Law School and her certificate in
sex therapy from New Jersey School of Medicine. She is the author of
Anatomy of Pleasure, and is the monthly sex advice columnist for
Penthouse Magazine (for whom she was 2004 Pet of the Year). You can
ask her questions three times a week on her radio talk show at, or visit her at her website,

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