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ID Number: 1426
From: gokings111 <>
Subject: Re: Why Lesbianism Is Widely Accepted
Date: Friday, August 05 2005 - 03:22:29

charliebrown_3746 wrote:
"Sounds like VZ likes asian girls. Or maybe her husband
does. I promise you models only go to VZ's house for one
reason.....three-way action with VZ and her hubby. Right after Sept.
11th too."

Some people have overactive imaginations. First of all, Lisa has no
bisexual inclinations. She won't even shoot G/G for Playboy, for her
site, or for anyone. Although Victoria offered Lisa a chance to shoot
together--tamely, Playboy style--for their sites, Lisa turned her down
because she just does not feel comfortable even simulating G/G sex.

Second, as a friend of both Lisa and Victoria, I was the one who
arranged for Lisa to stay with Victoria to save her the cost of a
hotel room. I can assure you that there was neither "three-way
action" nor two-way G/G action during Lisa's stay. Although Victoria
is bisexual, she is also respectful of other people's feelings; and
she would never have even suggested that Lisa engage in any activities
that would discomfort her. Moreover, Victoria's boyfriend is not into
three-ways. Although Victoria has talked him into it on two
occasions--documented on Victoria's website--he has rejected the idea
every other time it has been proposed.

BTW, as one who has slept in Victoria's guest room numerous times, I
can attest to the fact that Lisa's description of it is 100%

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