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ID Number: 1428
From: "ckymnstr1" <>
Subject: Re: Note to Everyone Here
Date: Friday, August 05 2005 - 13:01:34

I'm not sure what posts you are thinking of, AJ, but the only poster
who has tried to defame Lisa's name is charliebrown - our latest
troll. As a moderator, his posts have pushed right up to the limit of
what I think is acceptable. Actually, in retrospect, I probably should
have rejected his last few posts, but I wanted to let everyone here
have a chance to respond. Since I am familiar with several posters, I
had a pretty good idea of what they would say to defend her.

Especially, I think gokings has dispelled any ridiculous notions about
a Lisa-Victoria tryst. At one time, he was probably more closely
connected to both of these women than even I am today with Lisa. He
ran Victoria's site for a while, though I don't know if he still does.
He hasn't been around Lisa's chats for a while, either (of course,
neither have I - but, I talk to her at least a couple of times per week
anyway, so its all good).

So, what is it, gokings... are you still working with Victoria?

--- In, aj_0999 <no_reply@y...> wrote:
> Look, I don't mean to be abrupt or anything, but I've got something to
> say that I want all of you jackasses to listen to very carefully...
> Leave her alone RIGHT NOW or I will personally hunt you down and put
> you in a WORLD OF PAIN.
> Are we clear?

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