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ID Number: 143
From: jrichins2000
Subject: Re: Playboy's BOL Model of the Year Vote
Date: Tuesday, January 09 2001 - 19:06:15

You make a great point, and I went back and
seriously considered whether I would still be Lisa's fan
had she not been a Playmate. Obviously, I would not,
because I would never have even known of her existence
had she not posed nude. However, I feel confident in
saying that I am not a member of her site precisely
because she posed. There are plenty of other former
Playmate pay sites, and I am a member of none of them. To
me, Lisa is special, an extraordinary Playmate, and
in way, a metaphor for over-achievement. Maybe even
a champion for liberated women in this day and age.
This is the reason I chose to sign up for the monthly
fee to be a part of her site.

I don't need
Lisa to demonstrate to her fans what the female
anatomy looks like or how it functions. I can see nude
women virtually anywhere, anytime, all the time, if I
want, but I don't choose to because I usually have
better things to do with my time. But, I do feel that it
is a worthwile use of my time to keep abreast
(there's that un-intended pun again) of this symbol of
over-achievement's exploits.

I'm impressed with Lisa's
breasts, it is true. But I am equally, if not more,
impressed with her success as a ballerina, as a scholar, as
a world traveler, and a host of other achievements.
Many of these may have come about as a direct result
of her posing for Playboy, and I consider that a
remarkable achievement in it's own right.

But, if
that were all I was interested in, I'd be the member
other former Playmate sites that may have cheaper
rates, as well as cheaper content.

Lisa is an
exceptional, well-rounded, extremely talented woman, who I
feel is worthy of my attention whether she is nude or
not. (The occasional sensual imagery is just icing on
the cake!)

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