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ID Number: 144
From: raymond756
Subject: Re: Playboy's BOL Model of the Year Vote
Date: Wednesday, January 10 2001 - 01:13:45

I have to agree with what jrichins2000 wrote. I
am also a member of both her website and her fanclub
because I like Lisa - the person. I enjoy the interaction
with her - chats, her musings, being able to send her
an email and get a response from her and other stuff
on her site. I also like looking at her, weather it
be fully nude or fully clothed. However, if her site
contained nothing but pics of her in various stages of
nudity with little or no interaction with her, or if the
scheduled interaction did not happened as scheduled, I
think that I would cancel my membership.

bigsal47 was to post a message saying that his cousin has
opened a website would I join? No. Why, because I don't
know her. If I got to know her and liked her, maybe at
that point I would. I could say the same for other
models that have websites that I think are just as
pretty as Lisa.

I also have to agree with
bigsal47 that most, if not all, of her members want to see
her nude, and I would say that a portion of those
want to see a lot more full frontal nudity and she
might loose their membership. But no model can please
everybody. She has to do what she is comfortable with and
she will develop a fan base that is comfortable with
what she does.

Personally, I would like to see
some fully clothed photo sets in different outfits. I
think that she looks just as good, if not better fully
Fully clothed includes, but does not have to be head to
toe. A mixture of lingerie, swimsuit, nightwear,
fashion show stuff, everyday street clothes, and whatever
else she can think is what I mean.
'All nude, all
the time' can get boring too, and faster than

Question for bigsal47. Msg 125 (12/25) you say "I recently
joined her members section..." and in msg 140 (01/07)
you say "...I was a member at her site...". Did you
join just for the pics, look around, say something
like "I don't see enough of what I want" and cancel
you membership?

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