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ID Number: 1441
From: alex westover <>
Subject: breast implants are hot
Date: Wednesday, August 10 2005 - 14:41:46

fake boobs are hot

leslie vandorn <> wrote:If you ask me, we should not criticize Lisa ever, just
be grateful that we have such an opportunity to see
her. She is a Goddess to be worshipped.

--- pauldriver101 <> wrote:

> her breasts look bigger now than from a few years
> ago, but that doesn't
> mean they are silicone. That pic 18 doesn't look
> fake to me, anyway.
> Pic 22 gives a really good side shot, where you
> would normally see a
> little bulge on a fake tit. But on Lisa, it just
> flows smooth and
> natural.
> personally, I don't like the look of her tits as
> much any more. They
> were always a little saggy and baggy, but with them
> being bigger now,
> it's even worse. If she does have any work done,
> she ought to have
> them reduced, and tightened up a little. Small tits
> are better than
> grandma tits.
> just my opinion. Lisa is drop dead gorgeous either
> way.
> --- In, steve8690
> <no_reply@y...> wrote:
> > If you look at Lisa's most recent gallery, there
> is little doubt she
> > has had some work done. Check pic 18 in
> particular.
> >
> > Steve
> >
> > --- In, "bigsal47"
> <precisiontunecs@a...>
> wrote:
> > > Where did you hear that? I know if you look at
> some of her pics on
> > > her site, they do look a little bigger now than
> when she started it
> in
> > > 2000, but I think she is a little more curvy in
> general now also.

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