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ID Number: 1452
From: aj_0999 <>
Subject: Musing 8-17-05
Date: Thursday, August 18 2005 - 02:38:58

Things Lisa likes that I like:

the rain, candied apples, roses, fireplaces, sleep, fresh baked
sourdough bread, traveling, cupcakes with real butter frosting,
massages, independent thoughts, tropical weather, Haagen-Dazs, quiet
confidence, Home Depot, the ocean, people who are brave enough to be
genuine, compassion, integrity, simplicity in design, jade greens and
blues, deep reds, depth, nice lines (aesthetically speaking that is),
those who seek the truth, ripe peaches, the middle of a watermelon,
gardens, lots of light in a room, the blues, Samuel Adams, prime rib
(but only with horseradish), Maine lobster, late night conversations,
Christmas, things with charm and character, Falling Water, fresh
squeezed juice

Things Lisa likes that I don't particularly like:

movie marathons, butternut squash soup, turtlenecks, The Rolling
Stones, museums, psychological dramas, free spirits, Law and Order
reruns, UGG boots in winter, Tucker Carlson (even if he is a
Republican), CNN, cream soda, Bonobos, the ballet, the unexpected

Things Lisa dislikes that I dislike:

cockroaches, brussel sprouts, crowds, herd mentality, flash over
substance, diet soda, cleaning, smoking, traffic, dishonesty,
disregard for others, fraternities and sororities, reality t.v., mushy
rice, uncomfortable clothes, dry skin, sensationalism, organized
religion, bad breath, itchy sweaters, cattiness, gaudiness, fake
nails, pushy people, big egos, Extra/Entertainment Tonight/and the like

Things Lisa dislikes that I don't mind:

being cold, cheap wine, small talk, celery, formalities, fish eggs,
dark rooms, the Jessica Simpsons of the world, instruction manuals

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