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ID Number: 1453
From: strait_flush5 <>
Subject: Advice to Lisa
Date: Friday, August 19 2005 - 20:43:45

Suppose Lisa hired you as her manager/business consultant. What advice
would you give her, career-wise?

She's already had a long modeling career. What does she need to do in
order to keep it going?

I'd like to see her do more collaboration with other models. Her
girlfriends section has been basically dead for a long time. If she
could team up with some newer Playmates - especially Hiromi Oshima -
that would be good.

And, she needs to branch out to places other than the web. I think if
she could land a spokesmodel gig for some big company - say like
Budweiser to GoDaddy - then that would be good.

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