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ID Number: 1520
From: killgwbushnow <>
Subject: Re: videos
Date: Saturday, January 21 2006 - 00:38:39

If you want to download the video files...

In your browswer click "view" and "source" when in the video page.
Search for .wmv and that will give you the full file name.

Then type this in the browser address bar:[filename].wmv

That should work for all of them...

But why???? I mean... all her videos are kinda crappy with the
exception of the kitchen video and maybe a couple of others.

Things she should do to improve her website:
(1) Post a LOT more pics. Even pics from older sets that haven't
been published yet. 3 posts per week would be reasonable. My
opinion. Any moron can shoot half-way decent pics and put them on a
website. Jeez, she could even shoot her own pics w/ a remote
(2) Post a LOT more vids. I mean... how hard can it be. With a
crappy little Sony camcorder I can make tons of videos and post them
on a website. Easy to do.
(3) Increase resolution. 200 to 300 kB at least.
(4) Be more naughty.
(5) Release a DVD!

Not signing up again.

--- In, "atari2602" <atari2602@y...> wrote:
> Can someone post the addresses for the videos in the pull-down
> I can't get them to work no matter what browser I use. Tech support
> says to use:
> But this only works on a few.

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