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ID Number: 1522
From: Sebastian Balloq <>
Subject: Re: [lisamarie] Being a Lisa Marie Scott Fan
Date: Wednesday, January 25 2006 - 05:17:17

I defnitely agree, its the same story for me, she lacks of responibility about her site but shes full of sexy uncontrollable beauty...............................

i´m still in in her wbsite, justo for support.......i she quits her website I will miss her so much!

Bryan Clark <> wrote:

The email by killgwbushnow got me to thinking... why the hell DO i keep
coming back to LMS' website? (I'm not signed up now, but I check in about
3-5 times per year).

I think in a way it's because no matter how little Lisa seems to care about
the website, no matter how few (and horrible) the videos may be, no matter
that the pictures are released as if managed by OPEC in the 70s, I just
can't get enough of that incredibly pretty face.

That must be it.

Whoa are we, fans of this beautiful yet careless woman.



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