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ID Number: 1529
From: aj_0999 <>
Subject: Topic for discussion
Date: Saturday, February 25 2006 - 21:44:11

Since there doesn't seem to be much discussion going on here, I
thought I would throw out a topic in the form of a question.

Nice guys finish last. : True or False?

My view: A lot of women claim they want a nice guy, but somehow it
never seems to work out that way. Nice guys get stabbed in the heart,
while a guy like Kobe Bryant probably still has a million women who
would line up for him.

This is the first lesson most of us learn when we hit that age and
start taking an interest in girls. Some of us keep trying to beat our
heads against a brick wall, but I think it's an inescapable law of
nature. I just turned 31, and I still haven't found a case where it
wasn't true. Or maybe I'm just picking the wrong women.

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