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ID Number: 1550
From: Favorito de Deus <>
Subject: New LMS Set: Hollywood Jacuzzi
Date: Tuesday, March 14 2006 - 10:37:17


I just got the new set, Hollywood Jacuzzi, from the site...And it is hot
as always...Nothing, and I mean NOTHING beats LMS wet...I noticed
something today though, that has me a bit shaken...

And maybe I have been being nieve about it before...But...

Has LMS gotten a bit of an augmentation..? I know as babes get older,
their boobs look a little fuller, and that's what I have reserved in my
mind ATM, but...The last pure model in the free world hasn't changed the
one thing I loved about her the most, has she..?

Doesn't seem like attachments are permitted in the group, else I would
post a couple of before and after shots....

The AYHJA Group <>

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