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ID Number: 1559
From: "AYHJA, Inc." <>
Subject: Comparison Examples
Date: Thursday, March 16 2006 - 01:41:22

In light of our recent discussion, hopefully I will be allowed to post
examples of what I'm talking about...First off, I would like to say that
if you aren't a member of Lisa Marie's website, you, my friend, are
missing out on one of God's best works...Secondly, I do not want to
believe that LMS has gotten an augmentation...Looking back through all
of the sets, I think its more of the photography than anything...But,
alas, hopefully, you will be able to see for yourself...





2004 (Her best set to date, IMO) :-)


That 2005 pic is from the latest set, and the one that made me really


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