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ID Number: 1572
From: steve8690 <>
Subject: Re: Set 317
Date: Thursday, March 30 2006 - 23:39:56

--- In, "AYHJA, Inc." <AYHJA@...> wrote:
> I just downloaded the new set, and again, Lisa looks phenomenal...The
> new set is shot by Lisa Boyle, a model, or former model herself...
> In reference to our recent discussion over the size of her breasts, I
> really jus think they have gotten bigger naturally...I'd like to think I
> could spot a fake teat a mile away, and Lisa's just look too good, too
> natural, to have been touched my anyone but God and good time...

Based on some recent posts (by ckymnstr1 and gokings) and the latest
photoset, I'm coming around to the natural side now. Pics 22 and 23 in
the latest sets are the most natural they've looked yet.

I guess I just assumed that if the natural situation were true, we'd
see more obvious signs elsewhere in her body.


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