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ID Number: 1574
From: aj_0999 <>
Subject: Re: A blog worth reading
Date: Friday, March 31 2006 - 21:57:38

--- In, "Raymond" <raymond756@...> wrote:
> Ok, here is a blog that I think is worth reading. Even though it is
> not about Lisa, it is about models, so I guess that it is somewhat
> on topic.
> Some of the comments are interesting too.

I have no idea who "Tila Tequila" is, but as far as that conversation
relates to Lisa...I think the thing about Lisa is that she's someone
who was a professional ballerina, and excelled in high school and
college to the point of being able to get into law school, which puts
her in a very select group in terms of her talents and abilities.
There are very few people with as many God-given gifts as she has,
aside from her physical appearance, so it's kind of surprising to see
her doing what she's doing, and I think that's why it's disappointing
to some people to see her potentially getting dragged down from who
she is by the choices she's made.

Personally, I think Lisa deserves a lot more than what she's settled
for, in a lot of areas of her life. She knows that, because I've told
her. I don't think it's made much of an impact.

I don't want to spoil anybody's fun ogling her though, so I'll leave
it there.

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