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ID Number: 1576
From: steve8690 <>
Subject: Re: A blog worth reading
Date: Sunday, April 02 2006 - 16:55:12

--- In, "Frank" <precisiontunecs@...> wrote:
> You make many valid points. I think everyone here knows how
> intelligent Lisa is and how she could have done just about anything
> else in her life, like practice law, teach, etc. But deep down
> inside of Lisa there is something that makes her take her clothes
> off and expose herself. It is just something that she is, she is an
> exhibitionist, no doubt.

Geez, you guys are getting very psychoanalytic here.

My take on her has always been that she posed for PB in hopes that it
would lead to an acting career. Turns out she wasn't much of an
actress and even if she were, how many roles are there for petite
asian women? Failing that, she tried law school. That didn't work out
either. Part of it may have been that she feared her Playmate-past
would hamper efforts to get a legal career going. So she decided to
fall back on modeling which provides her $$$, allows and spares her
the 9 to 5 grind. True that means the clothes come off, but she models
in spite of that, rather than because of it.

If you don't know her in real life, and I don't, the best thing is to
forget the psycho-babble and just enjoy the pics.


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